FIND NEW PRODUCTS by viewing pitches that have been created by DRTV Host and Producer Tom Jourden.

  • Much more realistic and effective than a phone, email, or skype pitch.
  • Get a true sense of how the potential spot or show feels by watching the pitch conducted by top DR host, Tom Jourden.
  • You are the ‘shark’ watching easy-to-view links privately at your convenience to determine if it’s a viable choice for your next show.

How to utilize ‘The Pitch’:

  • Go to the youtube channel: The Pitch with Tom Jourden’ to watch the pitches.  Become a subscriber at the dedicated youtube channel so you are always notified of newly posted pitches.
  • There is an opportunity to be a “Sponsor Company” (more info below) of ‘The Pitch.’ The Sponsor Company will have the first right of negotiation with respect to each product appearing on the show. No links will be made public for 7 days after Sponsor Company receives the pitch links in order to allow the Sponsor Company to review the segment and decide if they want to pursue a deal.
  • If the Sponsor Company decides not to pursue a deal OR if the inventor and Sponsor Company do not reach a deal, the link will then be posted on the dedicated Youtube channel The Pitch with Tom Jourden’. Additionally, the link will be blasted personally by Tom to direct response companies who have requested to be on “The Pitch” mailing list. To be added to the mailing list, please email
  • For anyone interested in getting more product info or making an offer to an inventor,  contact Tom Jourden by emailing or calling 818/399-7057.
  • If a deal is made for a product that appeared on the show, Tom Jourden will receive one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of all the marketer’s/distributor’s gross revenues from TV sales of the product and one half of one percent (0.5%) for retail sales.  OR, the marketer can choose an alternate royalty structure of zero percent (0%) for TV sales and one percent (1%) for retail sales.  These royalty %’s are subject to change in the future.


One direct response company per each 12 pitch cycle can be the ‘Sponsor Company’ for a flat fee of $2500 (current rate that is subject to change). Sponsor Company also agrees to pay Tom Jourden royalty participation as described above for each successfully negotiated product deal.

Sponsor company receives FIRST LOOK AT EVERY PITCH with right of first negotiation for first 7 days.

The link will be sent only to the Sponsor Company and no third party will be entitled to view it during the seven day first look period.

To become a Sponsor Company, get on the  segment link mailing list, or to ask any other questions regarding  ‘The Pitch with Tom Jourden’, please email and provide your contact info or call Tom at 818/399-7057.