“The Pitch” Episode 4 and Individual Pitch Segments from Ep 4

The Pitch Full Episode #4 from 3/5/19

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Watch the FULL Episode #4 (press play, then click on ‘full screen’ at bottom right corner of player) which features 3 product pitches (in full episode or individual product segments) and SPECIAL GUEST NANCY SULLIVAN.

A kid’s product that will create future NBA stars, a kitchen product that will save money and eliminate germs, and a personal care device with a huge target market (that will make you laugh out loud all the way to the bank). Plus a special appearance by ‘America’s favorite mom’, actor and TV host Nancy Sullivan.

To get in touch with any of these inventors, email tom@thepitchwithtom.com.

Individual Product Segments Ep 4

Off-Hand Coach

Clean Towel Holder

Gotta’Go Personal Care Device


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