3 Step Process of how "The Pitch" can get your product on TV:

1) PITCH your product or have top direct response host, Tom Jourden, create and deliver your pitch in a professional video that is much more effective than a phone, email, or skype pitch. 

2) VIEW - Producers and marketers will view your pitch on either Tom's dedicated channel at Youtube, or at this website: Watch the Videos Here, or when it's sent to industry leaders looking for new products.

3) DEAL - Interested marketers or investors may offer you a deal to put your product on TV and take it to retail.

Here’s the step-by-step process to appear on ‘The Pitch’:

Email tom@ThePitchWithTom.com and provide the following:

1) Your contact info including name, address, phone number, and email address.

2) A short explanation of your product or a website URL that presents your product.

3) Any corresponding photos or video footage - please send video via a link through one of the ‘big file’ email services (i.e. Hightail, WeTransfer, etc) or request a Dropbox link to drag files to.

4) Review, sign, scan, and email back the "Inventor Agreement" form (Click here for "INVENTOR AGREEMENT" form) or let us know any questions you have in this regard. (See more about the Inventor Agreement form below).


NOTE:  To appear, your invention needs to at least be at the pre-production prototype stage. Some possible exceptions may be made for a rough prototype or unique situation.



‘Inventor’ Package: $0 + Administrative Fee of $200 = Total of $200

                                              • Inventor provides a pre-taped video pitch that includes all requested information and is accepted by Tom.
        • Assistance in negotiating your offers and contract review/input to assure the best deal possible.


‘Standard’ Package: $500+ Administrative Fee of $200 = Total of $700

                                              • Inventor answers questionnaire which Tom will use to create pitch.
                                              • Any photos or video footage provided by inventor will be utilized in pitch.
                                            • Tom will write and edit the pitch. (Tom is a very experienced pitch writer who has written numerous hit infomercials)
                                            • Tom will provide voice-over to the finished edited piece (see Professional Package for Tom to appear on camera pitching your product).
                                            • Assistance in negotiating your offers and contract review/input to assure the best deal possible.
                                            • Campaign consult and guidance once a deal is done.


‘Professional’ Package: $1000 + Administrative Fee of $200 (waived) = Total of $1000

                                              • Tom Jourden will write your pitch for you and pitch it himself. Tom is one of the most experienced direct response pitch people available (host of over 60 infomercials and writer/producer of numerous hit campaigns totaling over $1 Billion in sales) and will create and personally deliver the pitch for your product utilizing existing photos and video content.  (examples:  "Spyder 360", "Flowglows", etc) 
                                            • Assistance in negotiating your offers and contract review/input to assure the best deal possible.
                                            • Campaign consult and guidance once a deal is done.
                                            • The right to use Tom’s image pitching your product on your website or social media.


                                              'VIP’ Package: $1500 + Administrative Fee of $200 (waived) = Total of $1500

                                              • Same as "Professional Package" PLUS. . . Tom will also shoot approximately 30 seconds-1 minute of 'pitch footage' utilizing your product or other customized content for the pitch.    (Note:  This is not professional 'broadcast quality' footage.  To get footage of that type (I.e. 'Tip 'n Split' commercial), please ask for a quote.)


                                              • Your pitch will initially be made available only to a “Sponsor Company” (a very successful direct response company). No links will be made public or available to other parties for a 7 day period in order to allow the Sponsor Company to review the segment and decide if they want to pursue a deal with you.
                                              • If the Sponsor Company decides to not pursue a deal OR if you do not accept their deal, the link will then be posted on the dedicated Youtube channel 'The Pitch with Tom Jourden' or Watch the Pitches Here. Additionally, the link will be blasted personally by Tom to top direct response marketers who are looking for new products, experts, etc and who have requested to be on "The Pitch" mailing list. You can also utilize the link to this professional pitch to pursue opportunities or to sell product.
                                              • Please note that selling product is not the purpose of ‘The Pitch’. However, if you have product that is available to the consumer, you will be able to provide a website for ordering. The goal is to pitch your product in an effective and professional manner by a professional host resulting in a powerful tool (a link to your segment) that can be viewed by marketers and investors who can help bring your product to market. It's Tom’s relationships with the right marketers who will view your pitch that is most likely to result in you making a deal.


The "Inventor Agreement" form that you will be required to sign will cover the following:

                                              • The right to present your voice, image, name, product, web site, etc on the show.
                                          • 15% of whatever royalty proceeds you receive (i.e. a marketer makes an infomercial with your product, etc) would go to Tom Jourden or 10% of any direct sales proceeds if you utilize the video pitch content to sell product directly yourself. This is a non-exclusive representation agreement in which you (the inventor) have the rights for the use of the video (including Tom’s image, etc) for your own invention promotion efforts, in return for providing Tom Jourden 15% participation if the video has been used to secure a deal or 10% to sell product directly yourself (i.e. via your website).
                                          • Tom is released from all liability, including in the event that someone who watches tries to ‘rip off’ your idea or simulate your product. Since your product is being pitched for public viewing, you are waiving the right to keep your idea and product private, just as you would be if you were presenting your product at a trade show, for example.
                                          • A 'Letter of Direction' template will be included for you to send to the company that you secure a deal with which instructs them to pay Tom Jourden his 15% participation per the agreement.


‘The Pitch with Tom Jourden’ gives you the opportunity to have a professional pitch tool that will be seen by the right people to help bring your product to market. For any questions, contact Tom at tom@ThePitchWithTom.com.